Initial Post Original Thorough On Topic Cited And Referenced Properly Using Apa

Initial Post: Original, thorough, on topic, cited and referenced properly using APA 6th edition. The post is cited and referenced. = 60 points Spelling, Grammar, Writing: Posts are free of errors and demonstrate university level writing using standard American English = 10 points  

Case 1: Read the case, “Nursing Facilities Case: Mary” on pages 115-116 of the text. Discuss your thoughts, and answer the following questions while using your text to back up your answers. You must cite and reference using APA 6 ed format:

Should Mary’s family members authorize the double hip replacement?

What factors should be considered?

Who else, if anyone, should be considered?

What are the implications of that decision on the parties involved: Mary, her children, the facility staff?

Long-Term Care:  Managing Across the Continuum, 4th edition

                                    Publisher:  Jones and Bartlett

                                    Author:  John R. Pratt

                                    ISBN:  9781284185737