Instructions For Completing Phase Iiithese Two Sections Will Finalize The Strate

Instructions for completing Phase III

These two sections will finalize the strategy the group from Expert Foods Consultants has been assisting the Executive Director with. Although you typically would be combining all three phases into one document, for the purpose of this work, you will on present the two parts identified above.

You will need the Biotech Company Profile to complete the analysis. 

Step 1:  Human Resource Plan

A human resource plan will allow the director of the new Asia division to identify the future human resource needs for the organization.  The director has asked Expert Foods Consultants to evaluate the product line identified and conduct market analysis to determine possible man power needs for the product manufacturing and all management and supervisory roles (to include all levels of management).  The management levels should have been identified in the Description of Organizational Structure and Culture section of this strategy, but the resource needs in manufacturing will need to be considered.  Remember the only person currently hired for the new facility is the Director so there will need to be Assistant Division Directors (ADD) for the other areas identified in the Structure such as Marketing, R&D, Sales, etc.  Each of the ADD’s will need to have staff as well; you will need to identify how each ADD will be provided staff.  Will they identify and interview themselves or will HR be a part of the hiring process.  The Organizational Chart is also a part of the HR plan so ensure that a revised organizational chart is also placed in this section for reference. 

Training is a key to retention in business today; employees like to feel they are important to the organization and investment in their competencies shows commitment to them.  So, consider what the new division will need to do to ensure they are keeping the best talent they find. 

Evaluation is another way organizations can show their commitment to employees.  How will the new division conduct employee evaluations based on what is common in the area that the Expert Foods Consultants identified?  This will require a level of research in common HR practices in that region.

You needs to remember that this is a brand new division that will be selling products that Biotech currently is not involved in so all aspects of business will need to be considered such as marketing, etc.  Remember there is no perfect HR Plan, just plans that work and plans that do not.  Good plans consider the employee and the culture around them just as important as the organization itself.

Step 2:  Executive Summary

The Executive Summary will be the first section of the paper but should be written last since it will highlight what is intended for discussion in the rest of the strategy.  A good executive summary is compelling. It reveals the company’s mission statement, along with a short description of the products Biotech will provide at the launch of the new division. It is also necessary to briefly explain why Biotech is starting the new division and include details about Biotech’s experience related to the industry the company is entering.