Instructions The United States Is Considered To Be Free With Respect To Content

Instructions: The United States is considered to be free with respect to content on the Internet. However, there have been laws published and laws proposed that actually regulate online content.

1.Research and provide a brief overview of what some of these regulatory laws are, outlining the pros and cons of each of them.

2.Include your opinion as to whether one can be secure and still maintain his or her privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties in the interconnected world that exists today, delineating the reasons (citing sources) behind it.

3.Be sure to highlight the challenges that exist today that might not have existed prior to the Internet.

** Please note that the paper should meet a  Post-Graduate Academic Level because these are Advanced Masters Level classes. The quality and composition of the essays must be at that level. Number of Pages: 3 PagesAcademic Level: Post-graduatePaper Format: APA

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