Interpretation Of Reactions By Ionic Type Equations Aqueous Solutions Of The Fol

Interpretation of Reactions by Ionic Type Equations. Aqueous solutions of the following substances or their mixtures with water if they are only slightly soluble, are mixed. Write first the conventional equation, second the total ionic equation, and lastly the net ionic equation. If you predict no appreciable reaction, indicate this, and state why.

a. Magnesium chloride and sodium carbonate

b. Aqueous ammonia and hydrofluoric acid

c. Nitric acid and magnesium acetate

d. Ammonium chloride and sodium hydroxide

e. Barium chloride and calcium nitrate

f. Potassium hydrogen carbonate and sulfuric acid

g. Aluminum hydroxide and nitric acid

h. Aqueous ammonia and sulfuric acid

i. Magnesium nitrate and zinc chloride

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