Introduction To Business Project 3 Assume You Are The Assistant Director Of Mark

Introduction to BusinessProject 3 Assume you are the assistant director of marketing for a firm that manufactures a line of baby care products (shampoos, lotions, powder, and so on). This morning your boss came into your office and announced that she is going to recommend a dramatic price increase. You respond by asking, “Well, I guess that means we need to totally revamp our marketing plan.”To this she replies, “No, all we’re going to do is to raise the price. We’re not going to mess with anything else.”After she leaves you think, “I’ve got to convince her that we can’t make pricing decisions without considering the other elements of the marketing mix. It’s all interrelated.Respond to this situation by discussing how you would explain to your boss why you think the marketing department should consider the implications and consequences of the price increase on the other marketing mix elements and what recommendations for change might be suggested.