Introductionto Conclude This Module On Creativity You Ll Be Invited To Apply You


To conclude this module on Creativity, you’ll be invited to apply your knowledge of creative thinking by engaging with your everyday world with creative vision, and recording what you discover. You’ll be asked to assume the role of a Creator in your life–not in the biblical sense of the word, but in the artistic sense.

What’s creative vision? Why are you requiring some new skill right at the end of this module?!! And I’m not even a Creator…

The everyday world is a very strange and curious place, but most of us aren’t aware of just how mysterious and interesting our everyday surroundings are. Creative vision means looking at your everyday world with a creator’s eye, and using your creative muscles to examine your familiar surroundings and rediscover what’s interesting, unusual, or unfamiliar about those “normal” things around you that most people don’t see/think about it at all. Being a Creator in the artistic sense of the word simply means moving beyond being a passive observer of your world, and being a creative participant in it. We all already have this ability, but most of us have left it behind in our childhood.

Creative vision is simply applying the creative thinking skills that you’ve begun developing in this module.


Complete details and instructions are included in the Alien Anthropology handout (see link below). In addition, you should click on the “Alien Anthro Examples” document below to see some good examples of previous students’ Alien Anthropology field notes.

I’ll ask you to post your assignments to the Alien Anthropology discussion forum at the bottom of this page. This means your classmates will be able to read your work. The purpose for this is to create a huge pool of creative resources that each of you can dive into for ideas and inspiration once we get to the second half of this course, when you begin working on your own fiction/poetry. 

Alien Anthropology  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.(full instructions doc)

Alien Anthropology ExamplesLinks to an external site. (from former student papers; examples)


Grading criteria is described in the full instructions document. 

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