Inuktitut The Language Of The Inuit In Canada Has A Number Of Different Dialects

1. Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit in Canada, has a number of different dialects. Until now, each

dialect has used its own unique spelling system. There have recently been several news stories about

an initiative to develop a single shared spelling system that can be used to write any of the dialects

using the Roman alphabet. The National Post described the initiative as follows:

“Canada’s Inuit are now hammering out a plan to unite the entire Arctic under a

single Roman-lettered language.” (


From the point of view of linguistics, what is inaccurate about the way the National Post has described

the new spelling system in the sentence quoted above?

2. Consider the following two statements:(i) I have trouble learning new words.(ii) I have trouble learning new sentences.Do you think these two statements are equally probable? That is, are you equally likely to hearsomeone say either statement? Briefly explain why or why not, using concepts from the class.

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