Iscuss The First Question Immediately Starting By Wednesday Without Completing T

iscuss the first question immediately starting by Wednesday without completing the readings. This first question

is asking your opinion or is based on your own experiences. After Wednesday you will have completed the reading assignment and can begin discussing the second set of questions.

By the end of the module, we will have engaged in substantive discussion on all components of the discussion questions, especially if you ask your classmates relevant questions that invite differing viewpoints and encourage sharing professional experiences.

First, let’s start with a question based on your opinion (to be posted by Wednesday):

There are some cultures that feel that a worker will make more money if they are taller. There are other cultures where many men may never find a mate because of their height. We were all short at one point in our lives but what if you never grew to be as tall as you wanted to be?

1. Based on your own opinion, what steps would you personally be willing to take, if any, so that you could be just a few inches taller?

Now read the textbook assignment, check out of the websites in the reading list and watch the YouTube

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