It Was A Spectacular Failure The Failure Was Not Due To Extraordinarily Strong W

It was a spectacular failure. The failure was not due to extraordinarily strong winds, but rather it was the matching of natural vibration frequency that took it down. Resonance Questions: Discuss in class why and how the following items represent resonances. Where does the energy come from? What is the frequency of the input energy? Is the input energy imposed at a single frequency, or at a whole range of frequencies? How is the resonance exhibited? Does the resonance have some useful result? Does the resonance have some undesirable result? How could you stop it from resonating? Pre-recitation question 1: Musical instruments rely on resonance to make their sound loud. The vibrations that drive this resonance come from a number of sources, and some part of the instrument typically acts as a resonator. List the driving vibration and the resonator for the following instruments: violin, trumpet, piano, drums, flute. Does the driving vibration match the emitted sound frequency

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