Key Names And Terms Deborah Tannen Genderlect You Just Don T Understand Rapport

Key Names and Terms 

  1. Deborah Tannen:
  2. Genderlect:
  3. You Just Don’t Understand:
  4. Rapport Talk:
  5. Report Talk:
  6. Cooperative overlap:
  7. Tag question:
  8. Speech community:
  9. Louise Cherry Wilkinson and Michael Lewis:
  10. Carol Gilligan:
  11. Aha factor:
  12. Adrianne Kunkel and Brant Burleson:
  13. Senta Troemel-Ploetz:

Discussion Questions: 

  1. Who taught you to communication as a member of your gender? 
  2. Do boys and girls inherently communicate differently or are they trained to be different?
  3. What is the biggest similarity between men and women as communicators? How about their most profound difference? Which matters more?
  4. Do we just need to understand the other gender’s communication style—or do we have to appreciate it?