Kleppel Et Al 2004 Report On A Study Of Wetlands In Upstate New York Four Wetlan

Kleppel et al. (2004) report on a study of wetlands in upstate New York. Four wetlands were selected for the study: Two of the wetlands drain watersheds from small towns and the other two drain suburban watersheds. Quantities such as pH were measured at two to four randomly selected sites within each of the four wetlands.(a). Describe why this is a cluster sample. What are the psus? The ssus? how would you estimate the average pH in the suburban wetlands?(b). The authors used Student’s two-sample t test to compare the average pH from the sites in the suburban wetlands with the average pH from the sites in the small town wetlands, treating all sites as independent. Is this analysis appropriate? Why, or why not?2. An inspector samples cans from a truckload of canned creamed corn to estimate the total number of worm fragments in the truckload. The truck has 580 cases; each case contains 24 cans. The inspector samples 12 cases at random, and subsamples 3 cans randomly from each selected case.Case 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12Can1 1 4 0 3 4 0 5 3 7 3 4 0 Can2 5 2 1 6 9 7 5 0 3 1 7 0 Can3 7 4 2 6 8 3 1 2 5 4 9 0Please estimate the total number of worm fragments, along with a 95% confidence inter- val.3. The new candy Green Globules is being test-marketed in an area of upstate New York. The market research firm decided to sample 6 cities from the 45 cities in the area and then to sample supermarkets within cities, wanting to know the number of cases of Green Globules sold.Number of City Supermarkets1

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