Last Tuesday Cute Camel Woodcraft Company Lost A Portion Of Its Planning And Fin

Please see the screenshot below and show your work. Thank you.

Last Tuesday, Cute Camel Woodcraft Company lost a portion of its planning and financial data when both its mainand its backup sErvers crashed. The company’s CFO remembers that the internal rate of return {IRR} of Project Zetais 11.3%, but he can’t recall how much Cute Camel originally invested in the project nor the project’s net presentvalue {NW}. However, he found a note that detailed the annual net cash flows expected to be generated by ProjectZeta. They are: Your Cash FlowYear 1 $2,4flfl,flflflYear 2 $4.5flfl,flflfl Year 3 $4,5oo,ooo”fear 4 $4,5oo,ooo The CFO has asked you to compute Project Zeta’s initial investment using the information currently available to you.He has offered the following suggestions and observations: . A project’s IRR represents the return the project would generate when its NP‘v’ is zero or thediscounted value of its cash inflows equals the discounted value of its cash outflows—when thecash flows are discounted using the project’s IRR. – The level of risk exhibited by Project Zeta is the same as that exhibited by the company’saverage project, which means that Project Zeta’s net cash flows can be discounted using CuteCamel’s Flue WAGE. Given the data and hints, Project Zeta’s initial investment is , and its l’ilP‘vr is{round ed to the nearest whole dolla r).