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300-350 words Answer (only) one (either or) of the following questions , please avoid using personal pronouns and “I”: Site the book at least once

The book is attached, page numbers and the pages are off (going to page 340 using the program is not page 340 of the book, page numbers are in the upper corners of each page)

5. Page 201  answer the question “What hazards might arise from making the duty to intervene clear-cut?”

6.Page 246 answer the question “What other factors besides religion and ethnicity might become the basis for conflict between nonstate actors?”

Please use only the material from the textbook, e.g., no outside additional material may be used. However, you may use any material from chapters three through eight of the textbook for the question. You may use the following simple citation when citing the textbook: 1) D’Anieri (#-#), 2) (D’Anieri, #), where # stands for a specific page.