List All The Orders Where The Order Taste Is The Year 1994 And The Cost Of The O

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9. List all the orders where the order taste is the year 1994. and the cost of the orderis greater than or equal to 51.5mm. Display the order id and a new shipped tastecalculated by adding 1i] days to the shipped date from the flrders table, theproduct id from the Products tattle, the curipany name from the Customer table.and the cost of the order. Use the formula [flrderDetails.Quantity *Predictsdlnidlt‘lcej to calculate the cost of the order. Format the calculated shipped date as sum. DD TTT‘I’. Order the result set by the company name. Thequery should produce the result set listed below. fluted Edsluttl Enteritis WI: I: W i. e 1W5! 1:: Around the Hum mam Fetl 1s 1H11D’H-D a: bottom-Dollar Markets 19mm Fetl is 19-91mass as Ernst Handel mm Jan 1t 199411mm 19 Save-a-lot Marital: mun Mar 11 1H111mm 59 Save-a-lot Marsala 55mm Mar 11 us:11-311 as ‘l’l’htte {lowerflarl-Leu assist: Marat “an[is rowis} affected} 1i}. List all the orders with a shipping country of ItalyI and an order quantity greaterthan or equal to El}. Display the order id from the Drders tableI the unit price andquantity from the DrderDetails tattle, the product name from the Products table.and the first name and last name frdm the Employees table. Format themm} name as the first name followed by a space followed by the last name.flrder the result set by the unit price. The query should produce the result setlisted below. flttlflflléhhhiiguinfl I2 Willi: Elam1D115 J.1D JD tasarana Fantaslica Nancy Dayolio1D’IE‘I 1D.EI‘.I JD Fifi-cl Haylar Margaret Peace-titill-id! 11.1D 4D Singaporean HoI-lltlen Fried Hree Antl’ew Fuller1D-1-IM 14-90 JD Dunbar-Dummibirchen Antlew Fuller1D?“ JILED JD hunarella dI Giovanni Margaret Peace-tit1Dll-11 use 4D Mozzarella dl Eiovanni Stereo. Buchanan [11 row’ls] affected}