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The Threaded Discussion Question: Post your PROMPT ANSWER  in 300 Words.  


1.  Read the following books: 

The Lotus Seed 

I Hate English

Baseball Saved Us

My Name is Yoon 

Lizzy’s Friends

2.  Rate them according to their strength of purpose showcasing the issue of ‘identity’ within the Asian American Community.  Focus the lens of your exploration of critical literacy from the perspective of analyzing the book for its storyline, spotlighting cultural pluralism versus cultural assimilation.  (Remember The Rainbow Fish and Swimmy?) Rate each of the books in your opinion,  based upon their success for telling the story of cultural pluralism (keep your unique identity, and ADD this to the community to benefit others).

3. List these books in order of their success to preserve cultural pluralism and identity based upon this question : in your opinion, which book best shows cultural pluralism ?  

 #1 Book Name  #2 Book Name  #3 Book Name  etc..

4. Discuss your process of evaluation while constructing your rated  list. Talk about whyyou rated EACH ONE OF THE BOOKS  the way you did.  Give a sentence or two explaining your thinking. 

5.  End your discussion about the books with an evaluative connection with the poem, I Am Asian.  How does the poet connect with our exploration of the triple bind associated with the challenge of Asian identity.  How does the poet connect with the messages of the books you read inside this prompt, mirroring the rich and multifaceted  faces of individual humanity and identity, within this most rich and diverse culture.  

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