Macro Instructions With Macros 1 Enabled Enter Relevant Information Into Blue Ma

Hello, Please assist to Create a MACRO that will populate the table on Worksheet 8B with the data entered into the blue cells below on Worksheet 8A. Insert a button control that says “Click Here” per the prompt below. Make sure that the rows in the table are populated properly (i.e., multiple rows can exist instead of data being entered into the same row repeatedly). Thanks

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MACRO INSTRUCTIONS : With macros1enabled , enter relevant information into blueMACRO INSTRUCTIONS : With macrosenabled , enter relevant information into blue*MACRO INSTRUCTIONS : With macros3cells below , then click " Click Here " .cells below , then click " Click Here " .enabled , enter relevant information into blue*3DateDate3cells below , then click " Click Here " .4454Date56Employee ID56Employee ID76Employee ID78Clock – in10010023Clock- outClock – in8Clock – in92:00810016756103:00Clock- out4:009Clock- out10857 6901:00LL5:002:00101 1390948126 : 003:0014549987137:004:008:005: 00LL19756988)149:006:001215` J o vi D WN $ {7:0018:001316141718Worksheet&A| Worksheet&B( + )Worksheet&A| }Worksheet & BWorksheet&A| Worksheet &B