Macy Promises To Give Lucy 38 500 If Macy Will Donate Her Car To Charity Which O

Need help answering this exercise:

Macy promises to give Lucy $38,500 if Macy will donate her car to charity. Which of the following statements are true:

a. the conditional obligation is valid because it is a mixed condition

b. the conditional obligation is invalid because it is impossible

c. none of the choices are correct

Jake promises to pay his debt if he wins the lottery/

a. only condition is void

b. obligation void

c. obligation valid

The obligor is not liable for damages due to fortuitous events even if he was in default. Furthermore, the obligee is entitled to damages when the performance of an obligation is attended by fraud, negligence, delay, and contravention of the tenor of the obligation.

a. only the first statement is correct

b. only the second statement is correct

c. both are incorrect

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