MAGT 310- Quantitative Analysis for Business

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Questions Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
ILOS A1, A2 B1, B2 B1, B3 C1, C2  
Maximum points 6 10 10 6 30
Points Earned          




Answer the following questions


Question 1:  Based on what you have studied about Quantitative Analysis, answer the following discussion question:  ( 6 marks)


Suggest 2 potential actions that a quantitative analyst could undertake to ensure that the implementation stage of a project is successful.



Question (2):  Referred to your understanding of the special cases in LP , answer the following question:   ( 10 marks)


Develop your own set of constraint equations and inequalities and use them to illustrate graphically each of the following conditions:

  • No feasible solution problem (4 marks)
  • An Unbounded problem (4 marks)

Question (3): Referred to the below table, solve the following questions:  (10 marks)

(The graph should be drawn here in the Word document).


  X1 X2 Availability per month
Constraint 1 1 2 45
Constraint 2 3 3 87
Constraint 3 2 1 50
Maximize profit 50 20  


  • Formulate the problem as linear program. (Objective function- your own decision variables- Constraints).                                                          (4 marks)
  • Draw the problem graphically and assign the feasible region and the optimal point on the graph. (3 marks)
  • Determine the optimal value of Z.                                               (1 marks)
  • What are the binding and nonbinding constraints?    (1 mark)
  • What is the slacks for constraint (1)?        (1 mark)

Question 4: Answer the following problem: (6 marks)

Dell computers Company is promoting to its products with 3 types of advertisements (Billboards, Morning news, and Radio). Dell computers company wants to have at least 5 advertisements per day, but spend no more than $ 50 000 as the company budgeted up.

The Company wants to maximize the audience exposure. Formulate using Linear Programming.

The following Data are given:

Ad Type Estimated Audience reached. Cost per Ad Maximum Ads week
Billboards  3000 $ 5000 10
Morning news  4000 $ 7000 6
Radio  75 000 $ 10 000 2




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