make observations and discriminate between scientific and pseudoscientific explanations

Biology Discussion Post

NOTE:  Follow all the directions carefully in order to receive full credit.
Relevant Course Outcomes:
– make observations and discriminate between scientific and pseudoscientific explanations
– use critical thinking, what you have learned in the course modules, and a web-search to determine whether or not the following examples are Science or Pseudoscience.
Before you begin, you may find this article useful: Science and Pseudoscience in Adult Nutrition Research and Practice:            /
Pick one of the options below and try to locate a published, peer-reviewed or scholarly article that supports the claim that is being made. Can you find one? Does it validate all the claims being made or just some part? From what you have found out in your web research, is the site/article I gave you making scientific claims, pseudo-scientific claims or outright unsubstantiated claims! How much or little is it overstating its case?
Summarize your conclusion in 300- 400 words and be sure to reference something you read in the course materials as well. Your conclusion must be supported by at least one reliable information source in addition to the course material. Please see this link at UMUC’s Library if you need help with web and library searches: Google Scholar is also a good way to find peer-reviewed scholarly articles, but some will not be free to access (don’t pay any fees for articles – use the UMUC library if you find something with a charge to view!).
1.      Green coffee supplements burn fat:
2.      The blood type diet improves your health: 
3.      The Atkins Diet will help you lose weight quickly:
4.      Talking to your plants make them grow faster: 

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