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Please submit a minimum one-page, double-spaced response to the questions below about the two WSJ articles. (both the articles are attached with the document)


1) Carlos Ghosn Was Too Powerful, Nissan’s CEO Says (updated November 26, 2018)


  1. Carlos Ghosn has been frequently cited as an example of a highly successful cross-cultural leader. However, now that he is facing serious allegations of misconduct, his leadership may be called into question. Should our textbook publisher remove mention of him as an example of a global leader in their next edition? Take a position and provide your reasoning.


*note: Since this article was written, Carlos Ghosn fled Japan and is currently living in exile in Lebanon, attempting to ‘rebrand’ his image. Given Japan’s laws about extradition, it is unlikely he will ever stand trial.

  1. Starbucks’ Racial Bias Training ‘Uncomfortable’ and ‘Enlightening’: Employees React(May 31, 2018)


  1. What are the benefits and risks of requiring diversity and/or anti-bias training in organizations?


Part2 (case is attached under name: part 2 case)

-You and your partners are running your own consulting firm in Boston, and you win the bid to help ADDITION solve for a critical business problem. Matt Hemeyer and Eric Salenski are your main clients and Executive Sponsors.


Choose 2 of the below to analyze the case


    • Identify Key Requirements, prioritize the requirements using MoSCoW
    • Swimlane Diagram
    • Fishbone Diagram
    • Force Field Analysis
    • Onion diagram