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Sports Finance PowerPoint Term Project
Due Sunday, April 19th @ 11:59 p.m.

Summary: You are in the process of building a stadium or arena for a college (Name Sport of your choice) team. In a well-designed PowerPoint; create the following slide. Some bullet points could be 1-2 slides, depending upon the information.
Make sure the information is meaningful and related to the topic.
PowerPoint Format:
• Select a design or template related to your sport
• PowerPoints with (white) backgrounds and spacious information will earn a zero.
• Pay close attention to grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.
• Indicate appropriate images.
• The completed PowerPoint must have between 15-20 slides; including the title and cover page.

 Title Page: Name of Stadium/Area, Student’s Name/Course Title, Professor’s Name, Date. PowerPoint template must be related to your selected project.
 Indicate a (floor plan) design & a 1-2 minutes video talking about the expectations of your stadium or arena. Note: Use this as an advertisement or promotional video. Discuss seating capacity, ticket holders’ special privileges, types of foods and beverages, unique services or products, etc.
 List and describe 5-6 steps of how you are planning on (making and keep the money) for your stadium or arena. Hint: Create a MS WordArt
 Provide a detailed budget that list potential revenue, all expenses, and think about the (rainy days in mind).
 How will your team adhere to social responsibility within the community. What volunteer activities they will be involved in.
 Explain the team’s fundraiser campaigns. List and describe at least 3 methods of generating funds through fundraising.
 You have $20,000 to invest on behalf of the team. Which shares (stocks) would you invest in and why. Indicate the dollar amount you would invest for each stock.
 Explain how your team would play in e-sports.
 Create a salary chart indicate all team member’s positions. Indicate the (yearly) contracted salary they would be paid on a college level.
 In a minimal of 200 words within 3-paragraphs; specifically explain how technology will be incorporate within your stadium or arena.
 In 200 words or less, explain when adversity strikes, such as COVID-19; how would you protect your players health and safety; and keep the games from being cancelled.
 WOW Slide: Indicate a slogan that represents your stadium/arena.
 Students: Include three (3) more slides with relatable information to the topic.

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