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CIO Scenario



You have just accepted a position to become the CIO at a brand new start-up (Gyroband) company in California.  The company will be manufacturing and selling a revolutionary computer headset that uses nerve impulses to control the computer.  You have orders in excess of 100,000 now and expect to double every year for at least 5 years.  Your product will be offered to the U.S. initially and internationally next year.  Your new company has secured sufficient venture capital to start-up and had to turn away many other backers so money is not a problem.



The building will be ready for occupancy in one month.  The only employees of the company are the CEO, Board of Directors, CIO, and 3 other Vice Presidents, and 12 Directors.  Employees of the company have not yet been hired and you will be arriving at a medium sized manufacturing site with no IT infrastructure or IT leadership team – other than you.








Develop the following for the IT department that you are heading up within the company of Gyroband  – your focus should be on IT needs of the new company, not on the company in general:

  1. Mission statement for the IT Department
  2. Short-term and long-term goals for the IT Department
  3. First year budget requirements for IT Department that details labor FTE and dollars by type (employees, contractors, consultants), hardware, software, materials, overheads and other items. This should be presented in the form of charts and graphs rather than an excel table or other table format.  A minimum of 5 charts is required.
  4. Develop an organization chart for the IT department (MS Visio, MS PowerPoint, or other drawing tool)
  5. Identify the top 10 risks that the IT Department will face during the first year and the mitigation strategy for each risk.

The format for this should be a brief PowerPoint presentation intended for a meeting with your CEO and Board of Directors to gain budget approval.  This is your first meeting with the Board of Directors so you must make a good impression.  You may include an appendix to support your presentation at the back of your PowerPoint, if needed.

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