Manhattan Family Dentistry Balance Sheet January 1 20 Assets Liabilities Amp Sto

The following spreadsheet is for Manhattan Family Dentistry on January 1 of the current year.

Based on the information recorded in the balance sheet you completed in Submission Lesson – 1, what non-financial information could be requested for a managerial report to be used for internal decision making?

MANHATTAN FAMILY’ DENTISTRYBalance SheetJanuary 1 , 20ASSETSLiabilities & Stockholders’ EquityCashLiabilities`ACCOUNTS receivable*Accounts payableLandBuilding*Total liabilities .CIVETS’ Equity* "Equipment . .25. 000Capital stockTotal ASSETS*Total liabilities and owners’ Equity`Juring the first few days of January, the following transactions OCCUPIED5^`Equipment was purchased for $3}, DOO on credit.The business collected $1GOOD Of it’s accounts receivable and paid $ 23. OOD Of itsaccounts payable.The business borrowed FOOD, AND from the bank, giving a note payable QUE in SO day’s .Additional capital stock was issued in exchange for DZT, QOD cash .