Masters Level Forum Taxes Retirement And Financial Policies Are Some Of The Most

Masters level forum 

Taxes, retirement, and financial policies are some of the most controversial areas of policy development.  There are a variety of opinions, data sources, and expert reports out there on each of these areas. Therefore, along with all proposed policy, it is important that we can evaluate each policy.  In this week’s lesson, we discussed the three primary and five ancillary evaluative criteria that Kraft considers essential in analyzing policies.  So let’s put this information into practice.

Let’s take a look at some articles or resources on policy. Please go to the APUS Library Guide for Public Administration linked on the front page of the course website (left side). Go to the Think Tanks and Interest Groups Tab. Choose one from the list given there and tell us which one you chose. Then find an article or resource that discusses a policy. 

For your forum post:

(1) Summarize the key points made within the article. 

(2) Now, select at least three evaluative criteria from this week’s lesson to analyze the points made in the article.  For example, did the author address the equity of the policy and if so, what did they say?  If they didn’t address it, what do you think the author would have said about the missing evaluative criteria?

(3) Analyze the policy alternatives for your selected policy topic/article.

500 word minimum

3 citations

Due thurs 1/31/19

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