Mat 560 Project The Challenger Disaster According To The Website Referred At The

MAT 560 ProjectThe Challenger DisasterAccording to the website referred at the bottom of the page, “On January 28, 1986 the space shuttle Challenger exploded. Seven astronauts died because two large rubber O-rings leaked during takeoff. These rings had lost their resiliency because of the low temperature at the time of the flight. The air temperature was about 0 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the O-rings about 6 degrees below that.The link between O-ring damage and ambient temperature had been established prior to the flight. The engineers at Morton Thiokol, Inc have recommended that the flight be delayed. Unfortunately their argument wasn’t persuasive enough, and the launch proceeded with disastrous consequences.The engineers had failed to display the link between ambient temperature and O-ring damage in a clear and unambiguous fashion. What was needed was a simple scatter plot. The data is given below. Draw a scatter plot from the data. Based on this graphic, what recommendation would you have made for a flight if the forecast was for below 0 degrees Celsius?”Data from Previous FlightsTemperature (C)Damage Index1211144144172190190190190190200214210214210210220230244240240260260270 Project1. Make a scatter plot.2. Find and draw the LSRL (regression line) to predict the damage index.3. Interpret the coefficient of correlation.4. Interpret the coefficient of determination.5. Interpret the slope.6. Interpret the y-intercept.7. Predict the damage index when the temperature is -2 degrees Celsius.8. Find the residual when the temperature is 12 degree Celsius.9. If the temperature dropped below zero degrees Celsius, would you have delayed the flight? Explain (be concise).10. What percentage can be explained by this regression model?11. Conduct a test to see if there is a relationship between temperature and damage index.Presentation MUST be neat. Show ALL work!! Answers w/o support will receive NO CREDIT.USE GRAPHING PAPER ONLY!

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