Math homework help

There are 3 separate problems below. I need work shown for each. Also there is a key at the bottom to give the value for each letter in these problems.


Add the following vectors:

A = 3[b][e], θA = 1[c]4° and B = 2[c][d], θB = 3[a]

Round your answers to one decimal place.



During a windstorm, part of the top of a flagpole breaks off. The broken top portion touches the ground at an angle of [c]5&deg 1[e] feet from its base (Note: if [e]=6, then 1[e]=16, and if [c]=3, then [c]5°=35°).

How tall was the pole before the windstorm?

Round your answer to one decimal place.




Find the vertex and the x-intercepts of the parabola:


Round your answers to one decimal place.



A=4 B=6 C=8 D=5 E=2


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