Media Impact on Teens

 Media Impact on Teens

  • Media Impact on Teens

Through your reading in Human Behavior and the Developing Brain it is easy to see the various factors impacting adolescents and the importance of understanding neurological development.

MTV, a great entertainment resource for teens, displays examples of extreme behavior that many teens imitate. Discuss one of the challenges that teens may encounter through viewing media that encourages risk taking and how developmentally, the brain contributes to poor decision making for the teen. With this consideration, how would professionals in human behavior respond to the challenges of endless media and risk taking behaviors? Consider options for guiding teens, developing programs for preventing risk, and educational opportunities that include concrete experiences to address risk taking.

  • Your responses should contain at least 250

Media for Positive Development

Research on violence and human behavior abounds in our repositories of academic information. Focusing on the concept of self-regulation, how does media impact positive formation of human development?

Research a peer reviewed article and cite at least one program of human behavior that utilizes media for positive development. How effective is the program and what components contribute to a positive response in human development?

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