Media Violence

Media Violence

Media violence has led to increased rates of youth violence. This youth violence is linked to real-life aggression.

  • Does media violence desensitize youth to real violence? Provide your point of view with a rationale.
  • Also, in many states inclusion in a gang database may lead to harsher sentences for youths convicted of a crime. Does being a gang member result in a stiffer sentence? Justify.

Juvenile court cases show how media has huge impact on justice.

  • Discuss the impact of media on the juvenile justice system, prosecutors, judges, probation officers, corrections employees, and juveniles. Is the overall impact of the media on these aspects of criminal justice positive or negative? Provide a rationale for your response.
  • Should state legislatures mandate that personnel who work in the juvenile justice system be required to have cultural diversity training? Why would this be important?

Girls and boys in the justice system are more alike than they are different in terms of being offenders. They both are more combative and experience more risk factors such as child abuse. However, there are a few profound differences between boy and girl offenders.

  • Discuss the differences between boy and girl offenders.
  • Also, according to the National Institute on Justice Publication, “Research on Women and Girls in the Justice System,” over 80 percent of child victims of sex crimes are female. The rate of crime by young women is rising. Is there is a connection? (NIJ, n.d.)

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