Mg 620 Term Projectand Grading Rubricswinter 2016 A Select A Topic Of Interest I

MG 620 Term Project   and Grading Rubrics                       Winter 2016

A.   Select a topic of interest : 

Identify an industry that you have covered in your MG 615 (Managing in the Global Environment). An industry could be one of the followings:

a)  Pet Industry

b)  Transportation Industry

c)   Pharmaceutical Industry

d)  Merchandizing Industry

Here, the industry annual sales will be designated as the dependent variable.

Next, identify theoretically all those factors that may explain the variations of the dependent variable. Some explanations are:

a)  that can be measured by US GDP. In theory, it is argued that as the average annual income increases, consumers will be inclined to make more purchases. So, the relationship between pet sales and average income is expected to be positive.

b)  After defined the theoretical relationship between the dependent and independent variable, we proceed to collect data on the variables for the purpose of . Does the data provide evidence of the theoretical relationship between Sales (Y) and income( X). Details on the expected relationship will be covered in chapter 13 in the course.

In other words, establish whether a causal relationship exists between industry sales and the explanatory variable; is the relationship positive or negative? Once you have identified the theoretical relationship, collect your data and then test your hypothesis. This is the first stage of the ; defining your goal or objective of your study or to define your variable of interest: STATE YOUR HYPOTHESIS.

Stage II: Data Collection……………………………………………….. (10%)

Once defined the dependent and independent variables, provide a brief explanation as to how the explanatory variable influences the industry sales. Choose 2 variables to observe: 1) Industry sales and 2) Only one explanatory variable.

For each variable, collect data points for the past 25 years. How do you plan to collect the data: This is the second stage of data collection? Use Secondary data. A questionnaire is not needed for this project.

Stage III:………………………………………………………………………………..70%

Required: Organize, Visualize and Analyze your data as shown below:

1.   Construct a frequency distribution or histogram for your variable

2.   Graphically depict your data using two other methods studied (scatter plot/trend line/ histogram/pie chart).

3.   Establish your hypothesis; that is the expected sign(s) between the dependent and independent variables. After you have established the various hypotheses, narrow down your research to only one hypothesis.

4.   Run an OLS regression to test the significance of the theoretical signs expected

–     What is the 

–     Compute the 

–     R square

Is the explanatory variable significant at the ? That is, what is the 

–     the regression equation and graphically show the regression line

–     Compute the p-value

5.   – this is important so think carefully and writ



1.  Introduction

–     Background material to your topic (the industry)

–     The scope of your research ( what aspect of the industry are you focusing on)

–     State the overall purpose of your research ( to evaluate, to examine whether a relationship exists)

–     Your main findings (offer an analysis); make recommendations, etc.

2.  Body

3.  Summary

4.  Conclusion (main findings)

5.  References

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