Michael Patterson A B Read Michael Patterson A B Then Answer The Following Quest

Michael Patterson A & B

Read Michael Patterson A & B then answer the following questions, in question-

answer format, using content from course readings, your work/career experiences,

and the case. Be specific, cite, define, describe, and support your answers well. Your

job is to show me that you’ve read all assigned materials by using the case as your



(10 points) What events at Confederation Kitchen led to Michael Patterson’s

current situation?


(15 points) In the article “Stop Holding Yourself Back” by Morriss, Ely, and

Frei, the authors discuss behaviors that are barriers that hold people back.

Which of these do you see with Patterson? Support your answer.


(15 points) In Chapter one Nahavandi talks about effectiveness with regard

to leaders and managers. Is Michael Patterson an effective manager or

leader? Support your answer.


(20 points) Organizational behavior is discussed in Chapters one and two of

Nahavandi. Describe the organizational culture at Confederation Kitchen and

the shift that has occurred. Use the content in the case and the chapters to

describe the organizational aspects of the shift. Then, describe how this shift

is related to the situation Patterson finds himself in at this point.


(15 points) Look at the Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) model described in

Chapter three of Nahavandi. Explain LMX theory and apply it to the cas

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