Mininum 150 Words Responses For Each Question Do Not Write A Paper 1 From The Bo

Mininum:  150 Words responses for each question.  Do not write a paper

1.       From the book of Deuteronomy, how does the Lord want us to relate to him?

2.       How is the book of Joshua a fulfillment of God’s covenant promises? How does the book of Joshua encourage us to trust God and to rely on him?

3.       From the book of Judges, discuss the danger of moral relativism (when people do what is right in their own eyes).  From Judges and 1 Samuel, discuss the need for Godly leadership.

4.       From this course, discuss something that you have learned about the Bible, something that has interested you, or any questions that you have about the Bible.

5.       How is Psalm 51 a picture of the gospel and forgiveness of sins?  How should this psalm encourage us and shape us?

6.       What do Proverbs and Ecclesiastes teach about wisdom?

7.       Discuss the hope for God’s people in Isaiah.  How do these prophecies point to the person and work of Jesus Christ?  What does these prophecies mean for us?

8.       What does Jeremiah teach about the future restoration and hope for God’s people?  What does this mean for us?

9.        How does the book of Daniel encourage us to be faithful in the midst of suffering and hardship?

10.   How does the book of Jonah “mess with us” and challenge us?