Module 2 Readings And Assignmentswriting The Research Proposal Https Digitalbook

Module 2 Readings and AssignmentsWriting the Research Proposal:!/4/2/2/4/2@0:0 Qualitative Research Methods:!/4/2/2/4/2@0:0Historical Research:!/4/2/2/4/2@0:0Assignment 1: Review of the LiteratureAs you work toward your discussion in this module, start searching the library databases for articles that may be a good fit for your M3 Assignment 2 RA 1 and M5 Assignment 2 RA 2.Then, in this module’s discussion, consider the following:A strong literature review not only plays a foundational role for setting up a research proposal and/or dissertation but also plays an important role in the results and discussion section that is presented after the data has been collected and analyzed.Why is the literature review a needed piece of a research proposal? How can a weak literature review diminish a research proposal?Once the data has been collected and you are moving into the completion of the research report, how will you continue to pull from your literature review in the results and discussion section of your report?What search strategies did you use to locate articles from the Argosy University online library resources for your upcoming RAs?