Module 4 Slprole Of The Criminal Court Systemsfor This Module 4 Slp Assignment

Module 4 – SLP

Role of the Criminal Court Systems

For this Module 4 SLP assignment, please select a criminal case from the news that interests you. Write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following question:

Which court has jurisdiction over this case and why?

Review your paper to ensure it complies with the assignment expectations before you submit it.

SLP Assignment Expectations

  • Answer the assignment questions directly.
  • Stay focused on the precise assignment questions; do not go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to summarizing general background materials.
  • Use reliable and credible sources as your references. Articles published in established newspapers or business journals/magazines are preferred.  If you use the internet to find articles, make sure the sources are credible.
  • Reference your sources of information with both a bibliography and in-text citations.

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