Name Any Note Is A Member Of Seven Different Minor Scales Some Are In More If Yo

If it is possible can you show me and can you explain to me how to find those ? Thank you so much!!!

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Name :`S .Any note is a member of seven different minor scales . ( Some are inmore if you count enharmonics separately . ) The note E , for example ,is I in the E minor scale ( [F # GABCDE ) , 2 in the D minor scale( DEFGAB b CD ) , 3 in the C$ minor scale ( CAD # EF # G # AB C $ ) , and so forth .If you know the scale degree number ( other than 1 ) of a certain note insome scale , you can find I by counting down or up to tonic . If you know , forexample , that E is 6 , you can find I by counting from 6 down to ! ….I57Of. .. or from 6 up to ! . ..1234569toOf- OfE is 6 in G # minor . When you are locating tonic , remember to move withinthe actual minor scale , not just within the musical alphabet . E is 6 in G # mi-nor , not G minor ; in G minor , 6 is Eb .B. Write ascending minor scales to show how the given notes can bereinterpreted as different scale degrees in different minor scales . Usethe given notes as they appear ( don’t change the accidental ) .168LESSON 10 : THE MINOR SCALE

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