Name Date Chem 103 Lecture Assignment Chapter Seven 3 Determine The Limiting Rea

I need help determining the limiting reagent, theoretical yield and percent yield. Thank you

NameDateChem 103 Lecture Assignment (Chapter Seven)3. Determine the limiting reagent, theoretical yield, and percent yield in the followingreaction that starts with 35.5 g SiOz and 69.0 g of HF and produces 46.3 g of H2SiF6.(molar mass SiOz = 60.08 g/mol, molar mass HF = 20.0059 g/mol, and molar massH2SiF6 =: 144.09 g/mo/)(14 points)SiO2(s) + 6HF(aq) -> H2SiF6(aq) + 2 H20(1)

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