Need An Argumentative Essay On Acl Injuries Prevention Rehabilitation And Risk F

Need an argumentative essay on ACL Injuries Prevention, Rehabilitation and Risk factors. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Commonly used measure of geometry is the notch width index. it takes into consideration the dimensions of the distal femur allowing ACL to pass. An individual NWI is not controllable risk factor for the injury, maintaining BMIS may reduce the risk associated with a narrow NWI (Bisson, 2010).

There several techniques used in preventing ACL, a study conducted by Bert Madelbaum, Holly silvers et al. Showed the effectiveness of proprioceptive training, they developed a program called PEP which focused on aiding the-forward mechanism. He tied to improve the body the body abilities to anticipate external factors to stabilize the joints.

Gilchrist conducted a similar study. he explained potential prevention strategies for the injuries in sports. The program was completed three times per week during the regular season. the results presented suggested that the PEP program of neuromuscular was effective in preventing the injuries. Other tests have been done on proprioceptive training exclusively with balanced boards. the program was implemented in five phrases balance exercise without board, alternating single leg on a square board and other, several boards.

The corrected by the control team indicated the training was helpful in preventing injuries. Graichen et al conducted on functional knee bracing, he used ten right cadaver knees to study the strain pattern of knees ligaments. He also measured the knee strains from 00 to 1000 using 200 intervals. The observation primed the conclusion that a knee brace may add mechanical protection to the ACL and may help to offset knee laxity.

Deficiency in stability, ROM of lower extremity and leveled of functions of the main concerns in patients with the injury muscles are weakened especially quadriceps. The aim of rehabilitation program is to enhancing the strength and capabilities