Need An Argumentative Essay On Afcian Masks From Camroon Africa Needs To Be 6 Pa

Need an argumentative essay on Afcian Masks from Camroon Africa. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

It is crafted out of wood and colored with various pigments, made of naturally occurring substances. The mask measures 33.3 x 26.7 x 20.6 centimeters and is a wooden helmet mask depicting a male human face.

Helmet masks are made such that they sit upon the wearers head, unlike other masks which are worn over the face or head. The surface of the mask is smooth and dark brown in color and the only details are the facial features and a crown like carving above the forehead. The face is oval in shape with wide-open rounded eyes framed by well carved eyebrows. The eyes are colored dark brown while the areas surrounding it are highlighted by use of a lighter shade. The nose is flattened slightly with large flared nostrils. A deep line runs from the forehead up to the bottom of the mask. The lips are very distinct, because of their big size and the upper lip has a well marked cleft. The cheeks are bulbous and hang down wards, and are highlighted because of the well polished surface which reflects light off it. Two small ears are placed on either side of the head but are relatively less detailed, with the outer ear and the inner ear made of contrasting light and dark pigments. The top portion of the mask is crowned by a well carved tiara-like embellishment with carved protrusions. The symmetry of the mask is well-defined and the whole effort seems to have been towards maintaining a linear balance.

In the Cameroon grasslands the masks used by the numerous secret societies, show the influence of the Yoruba and the tribes of southeast Nigeria. The styles are homogenous, and there is little attention to elaborate detailing or embellishing the mask (

Masks are a very important part of African society and these are seen as the bridge between the world we live in and the supernatural world where dwell the dead