Need An Argumentative Essay On Business Excellence Model Needs To Be 8 Pages Ple

Need an argumentative essay on Business Excellence Model. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Quality is the key because any process completed without the expected quality will be abhorred by the intended customers, leading to problems for the organization. So, Total Quality Management (TQM) is the management function, which should be incorporated in all the processes that will happen in an organization. Furthermore, if Excellence is inbuilt into that TQM, then there will be optimal quality in all the processes, making organization’s every initiative a successful endeavour. So, this paper by focusing on the term “Excellence” from the perspective of TQM, will discuss how excellence can be managed optimally in an organization.

According to, Excellence can be defined as the “quality of excelling and also possessing good qualities of highest degree”. The term gives the same meaning when analyzed from the organizational perspective as well. That is, when the organization produces products or offers services, they have to incorporate quality in it. Only if there is quality, it can succeed, otherwise it will be disliked by the customers. While trying to maintain that quality, the organization will also or should also try to achieve excellence. This state of excellence could be some thing that is set by the organization themselves or by certain external agencies. So, only if organizations achieve excellence in quality, it can reach the ‘minds’ of the customers, then entice them and eventually ‘push’ them to buy the organization’s products or use their services.