Need An Argumentative Essay On Case Std Readings In Marketing Needs To Be 2 Page

Need an argumentative essay on CASE STD/READINGS IN MARKETING. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In the early ages, marketing was conducted by salesman primarily through travelling. This is opposed to the modern times where marketing is much easier done at the comfort of an office rather than the tedious travelling option. This modern marketing involves the use of internet and televisions combined with other forms of media transmission. Therefore, understanding the modern means of marketing becomes vital. It assists in the understanding of marketing and its position in the world. Businesspersons and the laypersons are the sole beneficiaries to the lessons learnt in marketing.

Marketing aims at satisfying the needs of all people. This encompasses the customer and the market. This helps in creating the full sense of utility and usefulness. It channels the gap between product and service seeker and the product and service providers. It is an important tool for the success of a business. It focuses on the quality, customer satisfaction and consumer value in all business, either large or small.

Marketing mix is a strategy commonly used. It comprises of four variables widely referred as the “Four P’s” of marketing. The variables blend together to produce the required results in a target market. The first P corresponds to the products. Products are the goods and services that a business provides to the market. Quality, packaging, customer service, and features are the key items to consider in developing a product (Hoffmann 2008).

The second P designates the place. Place mainly refers to the location and the distribution methods employed in getting the product to the customers. It also includes the logistics and the potential usage of communication strategies to sell products to consumers. The third P refers to price of the product or service. Price incorporates discounting, price setting, cash and credit transactions and purchases. Promotion, for the last P, refers to the act of

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