Need An Argumentative Essay On Conducting A Library Search Needs To Be 1 Pages P

Need an argumentative essay on Conducting a library search. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The article however reduced drastically once I started becoming specific with the information I was researching. The articles were narrowed down to only slightly above one million articles from the CINAHL database which contains authentic nursing journal articles with specific information on different types of primary care settings and which narrows down the search.

The narrowing down process involved become more specific in the search. I started off with the broad primary care settings but it was too broad. This was followed by specifying which field of primary care setting I wanted information from which is health education. Lastly, i narrowed down to which specific database I wanted the information from and this completely reduced the search and provided me with specific and reliable information.

The information initially sought was way too vague and hence led to large packets of information which was mostly irrelevant being displayed. However, with much specific details being added, the search was finally narrowed down to the most important and most relevant of the information which is way more helpful in