Need An Argumentative Essay On Considered The Mummys Curse A Series Of Unexplain

Need an argumentative essay on Considered the Mummys Curse, a series of unexplainable, unfortunate, or tragic events that happened to the people who were present at the opening of Tutankhamens tomb. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The mystery started with the death of the financer of the excavation, Lord Carnarvon, who died a year later as a result of a mosquito bite and his death was followed by many others who were involved with the excavation.

The two theories that best explain the mystery are the theory of fungus and the theory that the curse never existed in the first place. Several notable experts in the field such as Dr. Ezzeddin Taha (Biologist), Gotthard Kramer (microbiologist), Dr. Nicola Di Paolo (Physician), etc have identified fungus in the tombs that are dangerous to human beings. On the other hand, medicine scholar Mark Nelson proved statistically that many stories surrounding the curse are not factual and more people survived the curse than those who died which goes on to prove that the curse did not exist in the first place (Krystek, 2012).

The illness associated with the deaths of those related to tombs can be explained scientifically. Dr. Ezzeddin Taha examining those working in tombs found that they were exposed to a potentially dangerous fungus known as Aspergillus niger. Dr. Nicola Di Paolo identified another fungus known as Aspergillus ochraceus in many archaeological sites. Gotthard Kramer in 1999 on analysing 40 mummies found the presence of mold spores that are potentially dangerous (Krystek, 2012). It is shown that these dangerous funguses could have survived for 1000’s of years in the tombs and infecting those coming in contact with it (Abel, 2006). There these funguses are a possible explanation for the illness and deaths associated with the mummy’s curse. This is the best possible explanation as it is based on science and can be proven with

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