Need An Argumentative Essay On Critique Of The Play See How They Run By Philip K

Need an argumentative essay on Critique of the play See how they run by Philip King. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The play is not all about slapstick but also has great dialogues incorporated into it. Without the backing of the dialogues, slapstick alone could not have made an impact. And more importantly, the characters in the play are all well created. Each character is given importance and each character has it share in being stupid at one time and witty in another. This combination is what differentiates the play from being mediocre to a classic comedy.

The actors have done a good job but it could have been even better. The actors could have been more innovative and induced specific character traits. The need here was to have crisp and quick dialogues. Even though the dialogues are good, setting up of the dialogues was little off. At some places in the play it the punch line becomes elongated. The punch line has to be quick in order to make a better impact. Actors should have made intelligent and intentional choices to differentiate their characters.

Another important aspect that can be improved is the stage setup and the use of it by the artists. As the play includes outrageous situations, intelligent use of the stage is vital. At some places, it feels like the actors are moving around just to fill out space on the stage. This takes out the authenticity out of the play.

“See how they run” is a fantastic and very funny play. But the overall success of a play not just depends on the script but also on the various other elements. Even though there were some places that can be improved, I completely enjoyed the play.

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