Need An Argumentative Essay On Digitalized New Yorker Needs To Be 7 Pages Please

Need an argumentative essay on Digitalized New Yorker. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

developed artistic taste and established new standards of magazine literature with its skillfully written stories, brilliant essays, intelligent humor, self-sufficient caricatures, reviews of uncommon books, performances, movies. Mr. Ross wanted to create the magazine of a subtle humor. Having taken in partners the businessman Raul Fleyshmann Ross founded F-R Publishing Company, and remained the editor of the magazine till the death in 1951. Though the magazine did not lose sense of humor, it soon won reputation in the serious journalistic environment with its cartoons and unexpected reviews of uncommon books, performances, and movies. Speaking about New York`s cultural life The New Yorker was meant to become a visit card of Big Apple, however, it is highly demanded throughout America generally (The New Yorker history 2).

The New Yorker has published the stories of many popular writers, and some stories from the magazine were transformed into the film scenarios. Among The New Yorker`s writers there were Vladimir Nabokov, Roland Dahl, Haruki Murakami, J.D. Salinger, John Updake. Such films as Adaptaion by Charlie Cauffman or The hours by Michael Cunnigham have appeared after the stories were adapted to the screen (The New Yorker history 2).

The edition uses specific spelling with application of diaresis marks over repeating vowels in words where they are said separately is allocated, without forming a digraph as in the word “ reelected”. The New Yorker along with Technology Review published by MIT, are one of the few editions keeping this practice. Besides, record of numbers by a copy-book, including rather long (“for the-seven thousand” instead of “47000”) is accepted. The New Yorker, as a rule, does not use italics tracing for record of names of books, movies, and other works. Instead they are quoted. Though italics are used at the mention of other printing editions, it is used only for the name of the edition while the name of the city is typed by a usual

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