Need An Argumentative Essay On Direct Manipulation Needs To Be 4 Pages Please No

Need an argumentative essay on Direct Manipulation. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Video game is one of the best applications where the techniques of direct manipulation are very successful. At the present, the use of video games is increasing because of its entertainment and easy to recognize operations. In fact, people are able to build a variety of skills by playing video games. Additionally, the physical gestures of video games are straightforward and mistakes can be easily corrected depending on their severity. therefore error messages are needless. Similarly, these standards can also be implemented to office automation and personal computing and other arrangements (Huang, Miwa, & Cayabyab, 2013. Hundhausen, Farley, & Brown, 2009).

The research has shown that the principles of direct manipulation can be used in video game controls for example game users always want to use games that are easy to use, system with better availability of feedback and much easier to learn than use. In addition, the principles of direct manipulation can also be employed for differing ones that lead to certainty as well as sense of control that system user needs much more. Moreover, another example of principles of direct manipulation is to have simple and intuitive action specification in video games (Sanderson, 1998. Shneiderman, Direct Manipulation A Step Beyond Programming Languages, 1983. Shneiderman, Direct Manipulation for Comprehensible, Predictable and Controllable User Interfaces, 1997).

Interface design is believed to be one of the most difficult aspects of game development for that reason that it requires transferring huge data and instructions to the player as well as there is small screen space which has to be utilized for completing all these tasks that to do it. Hence, when the interface is less effectively designed, a good game idea can be minimized to an annoying user experience (Dev Mag, 2011).

It is an admitted fact that with the passage of time and advancement of technology the real life applications are becoming easy to

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