Need An Argumentative Essay On Discuss The Validity Of The Following Assertion W

Need an argumentative essay on Discuss the validity of the following assertion: Without the cooperation of the French, American victory in the Revolution would not have been possible. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The French provided the Americans with ships as well as soldiers during the American war for independence. otherwise known as the Revolutionary War. In addition, the French engaged the British in wars for various British colonies in the world. This meant that the British had to send valuable manpower away from the revolutionary war in the new world, where they were urgently needed (Tindal and Shi 620). A battle in which American and French soldiers fought side by side was the battle for York town. The French engaged the British soldiers on land and stopped them from progressing further.

The blockade in Yorktown could not have been actionable without the assistance of a fleet. The only nation that volunteered a fleet to the Americans who had none was France. The French did not only contribute manpower and the fleet but also assisted the American army with critical supplies. The thirteen colonies, which then made the American nation, would not have been able to win the war without financial supplies as

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