Need An Argumentative Essay On Emergency Mnagement 670 Week 4 Conf Needs To Be 2

Need an argumentative essay on Emergency Mnagement 670 Week 4 Conf. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

ency action plan includes conducting a workplace evaluation which defines how rescuers will react to different types of crisis situations, considering specific worksite plans, operational features and emergency systems (Department of Homeland Security, 2010). Based on this context, various elements of emergency planning can be identified which are described as follows:

Policy: An effective emergency management plan includes effective evacuation policies in the time of crisis situations. The policy must therefore address all possible emergency situations, magnitudes of emergencies, mandatory activities, written procedures to deal with the situations and resources available (Canton, 2006).

Alertness: Alertness is the second vital element of effective emergency management planning. Alertness denotes the rapidity of changes in behavior to restrict the influence of disaster situations and is considered as a constant cycle of planning, supervising, categorizing, training, assessing and monitoring activities to certify effective direction and improvement of capabilities which further helps to inhibit the consequences of any kind of emergency situation (Department of Homeland Security, 2008).

Reaction: Reaction is the other vital element of effective emergency planning. Reaction comprises deployment of essential emergency facilities and initial responders in the disaster zone. It also acts as the basis of emergency planning which empowers effective management of rescue and searching activities (McCreight, 2011).

Recovery: Recovery is the other element of effective emergency planning. The objective of recovery in effective emergency planning is to restore the disaster affected zones to facilitate the prosperity of the community. Recovery activities are related with the emergency plans which need to be prepared after recognizing instantaneous necessities which are identified after the crisis. Recovery functions are basically related with activities which include