Need An Argumentative Essay On Give Each Page Of A Fallacy Topic That Are Relate

Need an argumentative essay on Give each page of a fallacy topic that are related to it. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Adolf Hitler once said that people can be easily influenced if you use some psychological formulas in order to persuade them. A formal fallacy, on the other hand, is one which involves an error in the technical arrangement or the structure of an argument. The conclusion of such argument could be true but the argument, itself, is invalid.

An ad hominem argument is one in which a person attacks the other party rather than addressing the argument and the question itself. It is an effective way of ignoring the question asked and answering by blaming or criticizing the other party ( Top Ten Logical Fallacies In politics, Web). This is a fallacy not because people claim that the argument is wrong but because the negative characteristics of people making the argument. This is a means through which people try to discredit the argument of the counter party by disclosing their negative traits. This type of a fallacy is highly common among politicians who, rather than commenting on the issue at hand, try to blame the other party in order to create hype especially among the media. This successfully distracts the opponent as well as the audience and media from the question or issue at hand. These personal comments might even affect a voter`s opinion about the opponent`s political position.

Ad hominem is further divided into two categories: abusive and circumstantial. Abusive fallacy is when a person comments on the personal character or qualities of the opponent. This is an effective disruption as the opponent tries to defend himself and is distracted from the topic. Circumstantial fallacy is when certain circumstances involving the opponent are brought up in order to divert the attention of the audience or the opponent himself. (Argumentum Ad Hominem, Web). One recent example of this fallacy is when President Obama, during his speech, said that “Gov. Romney “would ask the middle class to pay more in taxes to

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