Need An Argumentative Essay On Growth As Grotesque Needs To Be 10 Pages Please N

Need an argumentative essay on Growth as grotesque. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.

There are many ways in which an object may be grotesque. however, all of these ways stem from the fact that the very thing that makes an object grotesque is the fact that there is something about the object that clashes with our perceived ideas of normality: “While consistency of grotesque forms is clearly not to be had, certain elements seem to appear more frequently than others” (462). Inherent in this is the idea that the grotesque’s existence is dependent upon the existence of so-called “normality.” In other words, the grotesque cannot exist without normalcy. In this way the grotesque can be viewed as an outgrowth or extension of that which is considered to be normal.

All of the ensuing works present aspects that illustrate an augmentation of a pure form. that is, they contain subject matter that is anomalous to what is considered a normal state of existence of the given subject. All of the images initially appear as out of the ordinary, possibly even freakish in that they obviously lie outside any perceptions of normal aspects of their existence, yet upon a more scrutinized look, remain in a standard setting which would be part of our standard association with typical and conventional forms of our understanding of reality and the everyday. This feature catches us off guard and disturbs us in the same way any alteration of ones usual expectations does. An unexpected downpour of rain, the unpredictability of the stock market, even such a mundane situation as a friend showing up at your door unexpectedly, all cause us fear and anxiety in that they twist our usual expectations of the established convention of the flow of life. Equally important are the intricate details of what embodies such unassumed forms, bastard forms on a pure surface. It is this feeling, a certain ambivalent sense of push as well as pull. It is at times disturbing, yet simultaneously comforting. It is anxiety and serenity, like a sickness working its toils within the

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