Need An Argumentative Essay On Islamic Architecture Needs To Be 10 Pages Please

Need an argumentative essay on Islamic architecture. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The early Islamic architecture was inspired by and reflected both secular and religious and secular styles. However, with the increase in the industrial development, and the increase in population, the contemporary Islamic architecture has transformed and has forgotten its traditional / cultural roots.

The objective of this research is to identify and study the islamic architecture from the past to the present. With the help of examples from the post-islamization era and the contemporary urbanized Islamic world, the research will compare the transformation of the Islamic architecture.

What are the major features of the contemporary Islamic architecture? Are they in alliance with the features of the past era? Does the present features reflect the tradtion and culture of Islam and traditional Islamic architecture?

In order to conduct this research, the study will primararily be based upon online data banks, books, and online Islamic Architectural archives. It will also utilize help from past researches and studies on the subject. However, it is not feasible to travel to the mentioned Islamic architectures for the purpose of this research.

Architecture is considered as an important element of an culture, society, or religion. From the foundation of Islam to present day, the Islamic architecture has witnessed huge transformations and serious changes in its design and features. These transformations are increasing day by day and the the traditional Islamic architecture is losing its charm and may become obsolete. Keeping this situation in mind, there is an avid need of study / research that can assess and evaluate the reasons behind the changes and transformations of the new concepts and designs being introduced in the Islamic architectural world.

In order to conduct this study, the qualitative research methodology willbe utilized.

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