Need An Argumentative Essay On List Of Possible Risk Needs To Be 2 Pages Please

Need an argumentative essay on List of possible risk. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This may also subject the respondent to severe loss of reputation since confidentiality and privacy being the reasons normally given by potential respondents for unwillingness to participate in such surveys.

This risk can easily be reduced by the members adherence to confidentiality of the survey responses and to make sure no information is leaked to irrelevant persons and in the long run will boost the confidence of the respondents to give all the information required. Also the computers used in storing the information are locked with passwords which are only accessible by the members only.

Data and information security is high priority. this is due to the fact that this information is sometimes confidential. The risk of losing or unprotect the data will mean losing the survey and could lead to the share of the information to a third party. Even after carefully planning and survey administration, problems do take place leading to a data which is not sufficiently valid and reliable. Insufficient measures for keeping data, as in computer information systems also result in loss and alteration of data. (Marrett, 2003). Data can also be lost during the analysis, processing and reporting of data information through incorrect transfer of data in the database, this can therefore by use of any kind of backups on the computers used and also by using cloud computing.

Data loss through members of the team can also be prevented by the team administering an oath of allegiances, this will make the members to be more careful on the kind of information they share from the survey. (Marrett, 2003).

For a survey to give a consistent, relevant and sound evident, the information it provides must be both valid and relevant to the purpose. For the survey to be reliable, all the measurements must be consistent from one individual to the other involved in the survey at different

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